Home Value Found in Livability

Posted by Louis Wery on Monday, June 11th, 2012 at 1:28pm.


As the real estate market rebounds in Sarasota & Her Islands, I find that buyers express different values today than they did in the boom times. Sellers would do well to pay attention to this development, too.

Instead of focusing on resale value, today savvy buyers have shifted to more enduring values. It's no longer "keeping up with the Joneses." Instead I see buyers focusing on finding a true home, comfortable enough and flexible enough for longer-term living. While buyers think about resale value, they focus even more on personal experience than on what might appeal to a future buyer.

As you search for your dream home on my website, I encourage you to explore the Walk Score for the properties that appeal to you.

The Walk Score feature shows up in the "Next Steps" bar under the photos. When you look at the Walk Score for a property, even if you prefer driving, you will find out how the home fits into the community.

Frankly, I think that location, location, location means more than a high-priced neighborhood. For a happy experience, you need coordinates that allow you physically to reach the places and people who make your life a pleasure.

Of course, Sarasota & Her Islands fills the pleasant quotient just because you can drive from one side of town to the other in less than 30 minutes -- a real improvement for people who move here from congested metropolitan areas. Even so I urge you to check out the Walk Scores for potential homes to verify that they are conveniently located for your daily routine.

Another factor that makes a home valuable comes down to well-planned spaces with higher ceilings, windows that allow engagement with outside spaces and lots of storage space.

I find that people love living in Sarasota because they find community here -- people to talk and share interest with. Sarasota & Her Islands fills the promise for a place where you can work and play in highly gratifying ways.

For more information about Sarasota & Her Islands, please contact Louis Wery.

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