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The reauthorization last year of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) made a big change to flood insurance rates by gradually ending federal subsidies for flood insurance. Yes, the differences are significant for some homeowners who received subsidies, yet most people did not receive subsidies in the first place.

Even so, if you are buying or selling real estate whether or not flood subsidies are involved, you must be vigilant about disclosures covering whether or not a property lies in a Flood Zone. Sellers must disclose the details of any applicable flood insurance. Buyers must investigate the availability and cost of insurance.

Older homes in flood zones benefited from subsidies that kept flood insurance rates low, and the owners of these

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The Florida Agriculture Department recruited a black Labrador Retriever named Bear to sniff out rat-sized Giant African Land Snails (GALS) before they escape from the Miami area and invade the rest of the state.

Before dogs joined the hunt, human snail fighters tried baiting traps and even crawling areas where residents reported seeing the pests.

About two years ago, a Miami homeowner identified the danger posed by the enormous mollusks, whose ravenous appetite for stucco and plaster can damage buildings. The snails devour calcium to grown their big shells. The snails also eat many different kinds of plants and help disburse a parasite that causes meningitis.

The canine detector teams tasked with rooting out the destructive slimy creatures have

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Filing a claim after a loss from theft or a natural disaster inevitably requires showing what you lost and how much your lost possessions are worth. The more accurate your records, the less likely the problems.

Here’s how to finesse the home inventory:
•    Make a video of your belongings and, as you focus on an item, record a verbal description of the item.
•    Take digital photos, too. Include close-ups of individual items as well as images of each room and everything inside closets, cabinets and drawers.
•    Compile a list including details such as brand names, serial numbers, purchase dates and prices. Keep receipts.
•    Store your inventory records away from your residence.

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