Recycling Gone Glam

Posted by Louis Wery on Friday, October 4th, 2013 at 9:31pm.


Recycled or repurposed materials alter ideas about costuming as illustrated by the Art of the Costume “Reinvented” at State College of Florida SCF) Fine Art Gallery through Wednesday, October 16.

The designers hail from almost a dozen local performing arts companies, and they present fabulously beautiful creations made from a crazy assortment of objects. Macaroni hair, garbage-bag skirts, pool-noodle sleeves, Gummy Bear jewels and postage-stamp bodices hint at the variety of trash-to-treasure ideas on display.

Watch Ken Erickson fashion his Renaissance and Elizabethan outfits on YouTube. He has great ideas that you can co-opt for your Halloween costume. You have a few weeks to bring your version to trick or treat.

For more information, call 752-5225 or visit

"Renaissance Costume" for Studio 84 Productions at SCF designed by Ken Erickson, Director of Theatre and Manager of Neel Performing Arts Center, and "Philinte as Queen Marie Therese of France for 'School for Lies'" at Asolo Conservatory designed by David Covach, Costume Shop Manager for Asolo Repertor Theatre. Photo by Elizabeth Wery

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