Sarasota County recently analyzed its demographics, and I found them interesting enough to pass along. You may click here to download the official summary. in the meantime, here's my takeaway:

In my more than 20 years of living in Sarasota, I have seen this vibrant community continue to grow and change, largely thanks to the influx of new residents who add their experiences to the mix.

Yes, our population growth comes entirely from people who choose to make their homes in this interesting part of Florida.

About 100 people a week make the move to join our community.

As the Institute for the Ages no doubt will affirm, Sarasota ranks as a "hot bed" for think tanks and companies interested in exploring aging populations because we host one of the highest percentage of older adults in Florida. Retirees who move to our area find everything from large-print street signs to excellent medical services, all tailored to support your lifestyle.

Long-time residents tend to think of Sarasota as a small town and, indeed, the place does retain that look and feel. The pace is relaxed and resort-like. There are interesting specialty shops, abundant farmers markets, frequent festivities and even parades down Main Street. Fortunately, the small-town vibe belies the fact that Sarasota boasts a county population of 379,448 making it the 14th most populous county in Florida. That's a good thing because it takes a strong community to support the big-city amenities of "Florida's Cultural Coast."

To delve more deeply into Sarasota's demographics, please click on the links to the following reports. You also may go to the source at,

Demographic profile Reports:

Demographic Data:

Also, check out Sarasota County QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau and 2011-2012 Sarasota County Economic Report.

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