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Kimal Lumber Company

  • Address400 Riverview Drive, Nokomis, Florida, 34275
  • Phone #941.484.9721
  • Websitewww.kimallumber.com

Back in 1981, Kimal Lumber began servicing a small group of local professional contractors. Our goal was to "Partner" with our customers and service super well. We were pretty much a basic "studs and plywood" building material company at the beginning and to date, we still do over 90% of our business "partnering" with local independent contractors.

Times have changed, but we're still a very traditional building material company, however; as we grew and gained sales, expansion became inevitable. In 1987, we added another branch yard in Englewood, the Interior/Exterior Door & Trim Divisions and built our first truss plant, adding the elements that truly made us a well-rounded "total" building material supplier. In January 2003, we opened our new state-of-the-art truss plant on Kimal's new property off Jackson Road in Venice, Florida, which is now called the "Engineered Wood Products" Division. This totally modern plant is equipped with all the latest, safest tools, saws and machinery. In November 2005, we moved in to our new Window and Door production facility.

Viewing new products, systems and technologies that will move us far into the future is equally important because the "Future" is really where it's at. The country is segueing into a whole "Paradigm" shift where I feel our industry is already "Catching that Wave". We're beginning to sell trusses built with BluWood®, which is treated with a two-step technology called "The Perfect Barrier System®", giving the lumber mold inhibiting properties. In addition, we are always looking at other unique products and systems too. Building materials now, more then ever, must meet the criteria of "Sustainable" and "Green".

The other good news is what we're doing to influence the overall impact on our environment. I see a future where Kimal's buildings are powered with solar energy and (we have one almost completed now) are the kind "you could cool with an ice-cube and heat with a candle." This is an exaggeration perhaps, but operations and products will be highly energy efficient. We'll have treated wood products that deal with termites, rot, mold....et-al, and be totally safe and environmentally friendly.

In 2006, we'll have our new "Kimal Event Center" up and running, where workshops, seminars and presentations will orient around the above-mentioned elements. We intend to be a purveyor of information that will benefit all of our associates as well as our business partners. We feel this is a very "Holistic" approach to everything we do. Stay tuned for many, many exciting happenings at this unique company.

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