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Fresh Salon & Spa

Fresh Salon & Spa is the premier spa and hair care center in Sarasota, FL. We offer a large variety of services, including hair cuts, hair design, hair coloring, nails, waxing, and facials. If you are looking for a professional salon in Sarasota, FL, then Fresh Salon & Spa is the place for you. Whether you need a simple hair cut, or if you want a more involved color treatment or perm, the experts at Fresh Salon & Spa are here to meet your personal needs.

Fresh Salon & Spa distinguishes itself from other salons in Sarasota, FL by employing only the top professionals in the industry. All of our stylists are not only trained and certified, but have years of experience under their belts. If you are seeking a professional hair design experience, Fresh Salon & Spa can help you out. By matching you with the most skilled professionals in the hair care industry, Fresh Salon & Spa is dedicated to meeting your individual needs.

Beyond hair care, Fresh Salon & Spa is fully staffed and equipped to handle your nails, too. Whether you have artificial nails or would just like a manicure on your natural nails, Fresh Salon & Spa’s experts are here to help.

Fresh Salon & Spa also offers waxing in Sarasota, FL. Our location is convenient and our service is quick. If you need to have body hair removed, you can trust a skilled wax specialist at Fresh Salon & Spa.

The reason that Fresh Salon & Spa attracts the top hair care experts in Sarasota, FL is because we maintain a professional and respectful work environment. By allowing our stylists to take full advantage of their skills, we hope to help them share their talents with our customers.

Furthermore, Fresh Salon & Spa only carries the highest quality hair care products in the industry. By using name brand shampoos, conditioners, colors, perms, and styling products, we ensure that our clients are treated right. Not only does this mean that you will see immediate results from your hair color or perm, it also ensures healthy and vibrant hair for years to come. There is no reason to risk damaging your beautiful hair with low quality hair care products. That’s why Fresh Salon & Spa works with only professional quality hair care supplies.

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