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Melody’s Centre for Authentic Beauty

Almost 30 years ago, owner Melody Murray began her skin care career after experiencing a bad reaction to cosmetics while modeling under hot studio lights. The ensuing medical treatment she received at the time was harsh and left her scarred. She decided there had to be a more natural alternative, via the medical community, and looked into becoming a dermatologist.


Although her desire to pursue a medical path seemed unattainable, she soon discovered the world of esthetics and began an educational journey that would be rooted in natural, yet effective modalities that heal and transform the skin without first harming. Today, she is considered a forerunner in skin care protocols that improve the appearance of you complexion without wounding or inflaming your skin. Over the years Melody has assembled a fabulous team of like minded women in all forms of spa specialty. Included are massage therapists, nail therapists, makep artists and of course estheticians; and they are passionate about serving others as well as delivering exceptional treatments.

A visit to Melody’s Centre for Authentic Beauty will leave you with the sense that a fabulous experience, in great detail, has been planned for you prior to your arrival. How nice to enter a business feeling you are welcomed, respected and affirmed!

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