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Benderson Development Company, LLC

  • Address8441 Cooper Creek Boulevard, University Park, Florida, 34201
  • Phone #941.359.8303
  • Websitewww.benderson.com

With over 60 years experience, Benderson Development Company has engineered impressive growth through innovation, insight, and determination.

Benderson Development is one of America’s largest privately held real estate companies. Benderson owns and manages over 700 properties encompassing over 40 million square feet in 38 states. The diverse Benderson portfolio includes retail, office, industrial, hotel, residential, and land holdings.

Benderson Development has assembled a skilled managerial team who together facilitate an effective and efficient collaboration in managing and maintaining the company’s extensive property portfolio. Benderson prides itself on providing each tenant with an appropriate environment conducive to its individual business and clientele. The company has received industry-wide recognition from the retail community for its excellence in property management.

Benderson Development has long possessed one of the industry’s most enviable track records when it comes to effective leasing services. The company consistently maintains a high occupancy and renewal rate due to a well-organized and aggressive leasing staff. Benderson’s principal criterion for tenant selection is quality, with strict guidelines that have established and created an attractive and appropriate mix of merchants and merchandise. The ideal mix attracts a broader consumer base, thus encouraging cross-selling options for merchants within each shopping center. With regional leasing offices throughout the county, Benderson personnel are within a short distance of each center within its portfolio.

Benderson staffs its own construction division complete with engineers, architects, draftsmen, project managers, and supervisors. These specialists work with contractors to make sure each project is done effectively, on time and within budget.

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