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TEDxSarasota is an independently organized TED event for held in the Sarasota and Manatee Counties of Florida. The theme for this year’s event is “Creativity Matters” and which envisions Creativity in culture, business, technology, scientific research, civic life and philanthropy as one of the most important competitive advantages in the world.

Why Creativity Matters

  • Creativity matters because it is an essential element of self-directed lifelong learning.
  • Creativity matters because it enables us to adapt to rapidly changing economic, civic and cultural circumstances.
  • Creativity Matters because it is vital for high-value work and for competitiveness of our economy.
  • Creativity Matters to innovate and engage; to generate a shift in thinking and behavior and to share ideas worth spreading that change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world for the better.

TEDxSarasota will highlight those ideas, individuals, performances and stories that are locally relevant and globally scalable. Speakers at the forefront of fields like such as technology, neuroscience, biology, finance athletics, arts and energy will offer bold, unique insights into emerging research and innovations that may fundamentally shape the course of things to come – both in their disciplines and for all of society. Our audience will get a glimpse into paradigm-shifting thoughts that will shape tomorrow; the immediate significance of these ideas will provide a framework of understanding to allow them to make better decisions today.

The TEDxSarasota’s mission seeks to connect and collaborate with organizations, individuals, educators, companies, A-list speakers, community leaders and thinkers whose visions align with ours: building strong, smart, understanding communities through education, social interaction, innovation, new ideas and a spark of entertainment. We welcome your input and participation.

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