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Innovative CFO Solutions, Inc.

  • Address4172 Centergate Boulevard, Sarasota, Florida, 34233
  • Phone #941.378.9801
  • Websitewww.innovativecfos.com

Innovative CFO Solutions provides financial management for emerging growth and middle-market businesses.  We work on an interim or a part-time basis, with the services provided and the amount of time devoted to our work determined by the unique needs of each client.  With years of hands-on experience in the financial management role, we bring all the practical experience that companies need to grow to the next level or to stop the flow of red ink, and all at a fraction of the cost of full time CFO staffing.

Our Interim CFO Solution serves clients who find their lead financial manager position vacant and have an immediate need to fill that position until permanent staffing is again in place.  We perform all of the traditional duties of a CFO in this role.  Our years of experience across a diverse number of industries allows us to competently fill this interim role and effect a smooth transition to new permanent staffing.  For growing businesses, it is crucial to not miss a step along the way when unforeseen events occur.  We are also available to supplement existing financial staff when workloads or new requirements demand a high level of expertise for a limited period of time.

Our unique strength in serving clients, however, lies in assisting emerging growth and entrepreneurial companies that have identified substantial growth opportunities.  Through our Business Growth Solution, we play a key leadership role in planning and managing that growth.  Usually performed on a long-term, part-time basis, we bring years of real world experience in helping management take an objective, analytical look at where the business stands today and in articulating a detailed plan for growth.  We are expert at analyzing and determining capital needs for growth, and in targeting the right markets or institutions for securing that capital.  We are hands-on in working with our clients throughout this process.  And our expertise extends to facilitating management in the post-funding environment.  In addition to our hands on work, our process guides, educates, and encourages management along the road to success.

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