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Ludwig-Walpole Company

  • Address2350 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, Florida, 34237
  • Phone #941.366.4490
  • Secondary Phone #941.487.1252
  • Fax #941.954.6579
  • Websitewww.ludwig-walpole.com/

At Ludwig-Walpole, we've established a trusted name in the Sarasota community for over 75 years. Our strong and reliable insurance solutions protect our clients, their families, and their future through commercial and personal coverage that withstands the toughest circumstances.

There's something we like to tell our clients: you can always buy a ten-dollar watch. It tells the time...but not always accurately, not for very long, and probably not when you need it the most.

The same is true for insurance. Despite the pervasive advertisements for budget insurance, ultra-low-cost often means ultra-low-coverage, and when you need it the most, chances are you'll be more than disappointed.

At Ludwig-Walpole, our goal is to inform and educate our clients so well that you'll sleep better at night. We offer protection and coverage without sacrificing affordability or value. We offer customized personal and commercial insurance products based on your unique needs and situation. We offer solutions, discounts, and protection without sacrificing what's important to you.

With a history like ours at Ludwig-Walpole, our business and personal insurance clients represent longtime neighbors and friends. When our clients call, they can speak to an owner—not a machine. We hold the same values as when a handshake meant everything—values of integrity, service, and customer satisfaction.

When you need insurance, call Ludwig-Walpole. We're here for you today.

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