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Bari Woodwind Supplies, LLC

Bari Woodwind manufactures mouthpieces of the highest quality achieving a unique coveted sound. Only two of the woodwind instruments use mouthpieces: the clarinets and the saxophones. The mouthpiece is very important as it is the direct link between the player and the instrument. A good mouthpiece is easy to blow, plays in tune, and is very stable, consistently producing clean tones without difficulty producing tones that are clear and resonant.

Bari began with one man's mission to achieve a unique sound. Wolfe Taninbaum, the designer of the original Bari reeds and mouthpieces was a musician who played under the stage name of Wolfe Tayne for famous orchestras. He was frustrated by the inconsistency of playable reeds and after years of trying to perfect cane reeds, he turned to synthetics. Today Bari Woodwind's mouthpieces are improved designs of the original to achieve that coveted sound.

The production line of Bari Woodwind mouthpieces include: ebonite mouthpieces, hard rubber mouthpieces, synthetic mouthpieces, metal mouthpiece for saxophone clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano, alto sax, tenor saxophone and baritone. Bari Woodwind also manufactures reeds that are made of cane or synthetic materials for its mouthpieces.

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