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Sarasota Center for Positive Living

  • Address677 N. Washington Boulevard #46, Sarasota, Florida, 34236
  • Phone #941.366.0275
  • Websitewww.sarasotacpl.org/
The Center for Positive Living is a trans-denominational spiritual community established in 1982. Our membership is composed of individuals, couples and families from many different religious backgrounds.  We are brought together by our shared quest for a practical and life-affirming spirituality.

We find such spirituality in a 150 year-old spiritual tradition and teaching known as New Thought.  The New Thought movement is uniquely American in its innate optimism and practicality.  New Thought offers a deep understanding of universal spiritual laws and principles, as well as concrete methodologies that anyone can use to create a more spiritual, abundant and healthy lifestyle.

New Thought teachings and principles permeate our modern spiritual thinking and psyche—even though relatively few people have heard about New Thought by name.  The power of positive thinking, the law of attraction, visualization, affirmative prayer, Christ consciousness, spirit/mind/body connection—and even 12-step spiritual recovery programs—all these concepts have their genesis in New Thought.

The teachings of New Thought are founded upon the Principles of Universal Spirituality.  These principles compose the common thread of Truth that run through the world’s greatest and oldest spiritual traditions—often referred to as the Perennial Philosophy because it has been revealed many times, in many places, by many spiritual teachers and masters.

There are four Principles of Universal Spirituality.  Together, they constitute the framework of what we believe, teach and practice here at CPL:

We believe there is One Infinite Higher Power in this Universe, out of which everything is created, and for which every religion searches.

We believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience, made in the image and likeness of the Creator, sharing in Its’ Divine Nature.

We believe we can co-create our own individual experience of life through our conscious choice of thoughts, intentions, attitudes and beliefs.

We believe our purpose for being is to grow and evolve spiritually, and that a life lived with such an intention is an immeasurable blessing to all.

Center for Positive Living Mission Statement

To teach and promote a positive spiritual approach to life based upon the principles and teachings of New Thought and to bring people together in healthy spiritual community.

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