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Warm Mineral Springs

  • Address12200 San Servando Avenue, North Port, Florida, 34287
  • Phone #941.426.1692
  • Fax #941.429.9183
  • Websitewww.warmmineralsprings.com/

Warm Mineral Springs is the only warm water mineral spring in the State of Florida, and is the largest warm water mineral spring in the world!

The surface area of the spring is a round pond, it is 1.4-acre in circumference and reaches depths of nearly 250 feet deep in the center. The hourglass shaped sinkhole (or cenote) is the results of an apparent earthquake that created the subsurface cave-in some 20,000 years ago. At about 45 feet below the surface there are small ledges that encircle the basin, some of which contain shallow caves. Beneath these ledges the springs body expands to form a large cavity where, at about 148 feet below surface, debris accumulates and forms a Debris Cone  that is thought to be over 30,000 years old. (The oldest lowest stratum of rock is estimated to be 20 million years old.) The limestone bedrock, from which the sinkhole is formed, comes from marine rock. United States Geological Society Hydrologists found the porosity of the limestone formation allowed water interchange with the ground water. Water samples collected from the Floridian Aquifer have revealed that the underground water may have taken 60,000 years to filter through the earth before reaching the surface. The discovery of stalactites and stalagmites found in the caves below the spring’s surface indicates that the underwater caves were once dry, probably during the last Ice Age.

The spring’s main water source originates from over 3,000 feet deep within the earth, connecting to the Boulder Zone of the Floridian aquifer, which is located, some 100m below the present land surface. It produces an astonishing nine million gallons of mineral rich water everyday, as a result, this creates a fresh clean body of water ever two hours!

A curiosity of The Springs is that the water contains no dissolved oxygen, except at a layer at about 15 or 20 feet thick at the surface, as a result, only a few small minnows mange to live near the waters edge.

A unique characteristic of the Spring’s water is that the anaerobic, antibiotic, and high mineral content, act to preserve most non-metal objects that have fallen or been placed into the spring. Because the water contains no dissolved oxygen; neither oxidative process nor fermentation takes place, making the water an all-natural preservative.

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