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Maria Lyle Photography

The years have flown by since I began my career in photography in 1984, and although the essence of the "sport" remains the same, the rules of the game continue to change and evolve as digital technology solidifies its position in the photographic industry. The transition has totally changed and revolutionized my creative world and set fire to the passion I have felt for the art since a young age.

Digital has made some aspects of the image making process easier, while conversely adding several more intricate aspects that did not exist before the change. Annually, I dedicate a large part of my time to learning more about digital processes within the industry's leading products in order to optimize the impact of my images. While anyone with a digital camera can push a button and take a photograph it takes a trained eye to create an image that speaks at another level with its viewers.

Every one of my clients has their own audience to reach and their own message to relay, so by asking the right questions I am able to address their specific needs, while at the same time bringing in a fresh perspective. The results are images that become assets in building their own personal business success.

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