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Andrea Bozzolo is a native of Piedmont, Italy, a place known for its wonderful wine and distinctive cuisine. The noble grape Nebbiolo that grows in Piedmont produces some of the finest wines in the world including the famed Barolo and Barbaresco; and the coveted white truffle that comes from Piedmont is legendary to connoisseurs the world over.

Of all the great things from Piedmont that have been imported to Sarasota, however, Andrea Bozzolo is the most highly prized, not just because he brings us the authentic foods and wines of Piedmont, but because he puts them together in such an original and delightful way. True to his roots, Andrea rises early to secure the freshest catch from the local fishermen in Cortez and to pick the freshest produce in Plant City. He is as particular about his meats, cheeses and all of the fine ingredients that go into his cuisine as he is about the manner in which he prepares and presents his fare.

Chef Andrea spent many years aboard cruise ships and in top international restaurants to hone his craft. He has become a master of that ultimate comfort food, risotto, making dozens of variations, every one of them a masterpiece. His pastas are made from scratch and melt in your mouth; his steaks are prepared in 800 degree oven for perfect doneness; his wine list boasts more than 350 selections for every taste and pocketbook.

Along with a set menu of customer favorites, Chef Andrea offers a “tasting menu” that changes every few weeks to reflect seasonality, availability of rare treats, and his creative inspiration. Adventurous and appreciative regulars love the tasting menu, which also affords new customers a great opportunity to sample a larger assortment of Andrea’s divine creations. All of this is reason enough to visit Andrea’s and keep coming back for more, but Andrea’s is not just about serving the best food and wine; it is about the “total experience”. Chef Andrea always dreamed of serving his food in an intimate dining room where he and his wife Ismini, who graduated from the Hotel Management School in Crans-Montanta, Switzerland, could interact with the patrons and attend to every detail of their dining pleasure.

Andrea’s restaurant is just such a place; a place where magic happens; where Chef Andrea’s originality and prowess in the kitchen transforms mere food into sensual “art” and his warmth and charm in the dining room makes everyone feel special. Andrea’s is a Sarasota treasure, not to be missed.

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